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U like to Travel? And to do good? Share your skills with others? Follow me or visit me in Entebbe Uganda! U will love your life more and more. So many nice people need your assistance.

Heb je nog ’n oud mobieltje?

Oude mobieltje(s) in een laatje liggen?
Een ander gelukkig maken met jouw mobieltje
in zijn/haar hand door mij gefotografeerd in Uganda?
Of ga je zelf die kant op? Zovelen maak je er erg gelukkig mee!

Is this YOUR mobile phone with camera?


Please make others so very happy!
Please offer me YOUR old mobile phone and I will
bring them to Headmasters School Projects in Uganda
I will send you photo with your gift in his or her hands!
(Please also extra needed wires and memorycard etc)
They need it so much to surfive by own promo.
And get more attention from Volunteers!
So please bring me yours now while i am
here now (till oct) in Zandvoort.
Share it please with friends.
PM me and more info:
Thanks so much!

Rare Birds at Shoebill Stone House


Really true in front of your door at Shoebill Stone House (near Entebbe Airport) daily around 5-6PM these very rare beauty birds. Called The Double-Toothed Barbet (Lybius bidentatus) It is a special species of bird in the Lybiidae family.  #Uganda #Shoebill #Botanical #Garden #Swamp #Mabamba #Monkeys #Chimps #Lake


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My clips been watched over 12 million times now on Social Media so please share with people you Know who also might love to share their skills to other human beiings! So ideal for English teachers, docters, art and fashion designers, Cameralovers for promo these countries on social media to attrack more tourists etc etc.

You can also connect schools closeby you with schools in Africa and sing a song for each other creating a big ripple effect frot their future