Do you love to share your Skills or Passion to help so many people in this world who need YOU so much? Specially in developing countries like South and East Africa where you also will love friendly people and nature and wildlife. You absolutely will see it offers you also best lifetime rewards! Here me in my Orange House about: Sharing Your Passion

UBC Uganda Broadcast TV

Interview UBC Uganda Broadcast TV reporter Mr. King Larry with Jan van der Meer about his passion.


TravelToDoGood founder Roslyn Parker from Texas loves to show you what Jan is doing.

Also you as Tourists can share your skills or passion
with human beiings in developing countries
who will be so greatfull and change your life also.


Jan founder SkypeOrphanSchoolkids to connect Western Schools with African Schools to share songs, ideas, education etc.

SW Uganda from Joseline Kuruguenda 

Sample what you can expect visiting schoolprojects in SW Uganda from Joseline Kuruguenda her Future Generation School

Proboscis Monkeys

Jan also Promotor to safe Proboscis Monkeys
(Orang Belanda/ NeusAap)


As Video Marketing Expert, Jan also educated many
Marketeers on Caribbean MarketersCruises. 


Jan also loves promoting this Dutch organisation: And went in Naivasha Jail Kenya to film how prisoners get education in sewing and knitting by Volunteers from Holland also send by PUM.NL

As former choir director Jan composed and trained them to sing a thank you song and showing results from many sewingmachines shipped to Nairobi Kenya. Volunteer instructors from Holland teach them in sewing, knitting and repairing.

Voor ToolsToWork in gevangenis Kenia Also realize:



If you like to donate for my projects please send your gift to PayPal account JanvanderMeer HDV@LIVE.NL 


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Jan van der Meer with Philip Bloom

Jan van der Meer with Ionut Turda

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My clips been watched over 12 million times now on Social Media so please share with people you Know who also might love to share their skills to other human beiings! So ideal for English teachers, docters, art and fashion designers, Cameralovers for promo these countries on social media to attrack more tourists etc etc.

You can also connect schools closeby you with schools in Africa and sing a song for each other creating a big ripple effect frot their future